TIR bike® | self-winding tow wire cable for cyclists

Original patented self-winding tow wire cable for your cycling trips with children at the age of 5-8 years. The TIR bike kit consists of two parts, a self-winding mechanism to attach onto the saddle pole of your bicycle and a special snap hook with a sleeve piece to attach onto your child’s bicycle. At the bottom of a hill, connect your child to TIR bike for several seconds and help them out on their way up the hill. You can disconnect them once the road is flat again and continue your trip. Makes for a genuinely simple and quick helping hand to give young cyclists on longer cycling trips both on roads and in difficult terrain.

TIR bike TIR bike TIR bike TIR bike

TIR bike® in practice / video

TIR bike

TIR bike® assembly / video

TIR bike


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